Saturday, June 8, 2013



CPS cover

Last Spring, I submitted a proposal to the magazine ClothPaperScissors for the mom/baby book that I had made for my great-granddaughter, Ava Rose.  I did not hear back from them until January of this year! 

That is when they asked me to write a how-to article, make some samples and send them, along with the original book, to them by the first part of February!  Heck ya', I can do that. 

I've been dying to see the finished product ever since and, finally, it arrived yesterday.  I was not disappointed.

I'll show you the magazine pages first.  You really can't read them, but you get the idea........





























I don't know if I'm more excited about the by-line or my first paycheck as a writer!  In any case, I'm pretty excited.

Here is the book cover and a few of the pages that were not shown in the article.







































Miss Ava Rose....the main character in this book!

These are fun, labor of love kind of books and the third one I've made for some very special little girls.

Before I forget.....the whole magazine is filled with great book and journal making ideas.  I believe you can find them for sale at places like Barnes and Noble but, mostly, they are sold on-line through Intererweave  Store HERE!  There is a digital and a print version of the magazine available and they cost $14.95.

If, you have submitted something to a magazine and not ever heard back from them....don't give up!  Keep submitting, one day it will be just what they were looking for.


Julie said...

Oh Jan!!!!!!! How wonderful. I just saw the magazine at my Barnes and Noble, but did not pick it up to look at it! I must go back and get it!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

elle said...

Oh, how very gratifying! I remember when you posted about making this. It really is a wonderful keepsake! Congratulations!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations. And to think you get paid to make art and write. What fun!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jan, I am so excited for you. This looks wonderful!!! Congratulations!
roxanne said...

Congratulations, Jan! Yes, it WAS mine that came in the mail the same day! It's good to have my own so I can look at it over again! Way to GO!!



Halle said...

Super excited for you!! Awesome job!

Dianne said...

Congratulations on being published! That is really awesome to get your own article in their magazine...and what a sweet baby and a fab project!