Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two dollars well spent.......


Last week, the on-line Interweave store sent me a notice about a video made by Julie Balzer featuring painting over collage.  I had not seen or heard of it before, I was curious, I bought it....for the handsome price of $1.99! 

Now, that turned out to be two bucks very well spent, at least for me.  Now, for $2 you don't expect a lot of content, or I don't, but I got $1000. worth of inspiration.  She choose to paint a highly stylized woman's face over a collaged background.  Well, I had to try THAT!  So, I have been.......

This is the first one I did and pretty much in the top two of favorites, so far.

IMG_3620There are many things wrong with her but I think she has some personality and life.  Now, I'm set on doing a series, just to see if I can get one piece that I think is "suitable".

So, this is the second one....way too much the look of a paper doll, in my mind.




I wanted to try the pouty lower lip "thing" but, I don't much care for it now that I've done it.  It was a good opportunity to try some other colors, otherwise, no life in this one.







Well, great, just another Miss Cutie Two Shoes....she does look a bit pensive and I like the colors and the quote.  Otherwise, ho-hum.











Of what I've done so far, she comes to closest to what I'm aiming for...she is fairly stylized, show's enough fear that I helped her out with a some supportive, biblical words to calm her down.

I LOVE the red hair....I have some light source issues, I'd say.

Well, that's my critique...what's yours?



I was, also, inspired to get out the pencil and draw a realistic woman's face.  I believe you need to be able to draw faces well, realistically, before you can abstract them.

IMG_3631 Sometimes, the simplest things can inspire us to try something new.  I'm very visual and it helps me a lot to see something and then use it as a springboard.....hence my love of books, magazines, videos and all the awesome blogs that are out there!

What inspires you?


Dianne said...

ah yes...the challenge of realism can be intimidating. Great faces all...despite your reservations! I find that to just keep drawing them makes an improvement. I have gotten a bit comfortable with the 'stylized' that I don't often make the effort to do realism. but I love drawing faces! I look forward to seeing more faces on your blog...

Julie said...

These are really cool!!!!! I like the second one down the best...I believe mainly due to the colors used. said...

What a cool concept! Looks like you're having fun with it. :) I like them all, and I really like the drawn one. :)