Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


My round robin “Nature” book has returned home…..filled to the brim with some really cool, imaginative and creative artwork!

You may remember the post I did HERE.  I shared the book I had made for the round robin just before I put it into the mail in November 2011! 

This is the cover.

IMG_2035 I converted two children’s board books, the kind where all the pages are made of cardboard, into one very sturdy book.

Nature was my theme and Amy’s (in Louisiana) interpretation of the that theme was this……


“Wood Nymphs”, butterflies, dried flowers and lots of color!

Next came the pages that I created to start the book off………

IMG_2038Then there is Corinne’s (a fellow Oregonian) fabulous contribution…..made with fabric that was cut, trimmed, written on, outlined, stamped and generally altered to make these beauties.

IMG_2039From Texas, former Oregonian, Margie envisioned the nature theme like this…..

IMG_2040 Having lived in Oregon, she knows we have trees….lots of big, big trees!  There is always a song in the forest and she celebrated it here! IMG_2041  Connie, in the state of Washington, was last to work in the book and was the grand finale, for sure!  Her specimen page fit perfectly into the theme and came complete with dried leaves, drawings, diagrams and definitions….not to mention…..a real Dragonfly, preserved under glass!


Trust me the pictures do NOT do the art work justice!  They look good, but in real life they look even better.

This was a great round robin!  There were only five participants but each one sent out the most outstanding books and all of the work was so very well done.  I have had a ball, thank you for inviting me to participate Amy!  You did a great job putting it all together.


Unknown said...

this was, quite honestly, the best round robin i have ever been in.
it was with the best group. i just really Really enjoyed this one.
i feel sad that it ended, but so so happy that we did it.

this was just the nicest one ever.


Journal Swag said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see it in person, I like every page!

Halle said...

Oh so fun! Getting your book back is that best!! Lovely work by all..so much fun to see how different interpretations of a theme can be.

Yvonne said...

The nature book is fantastic. What a keepsake. I love the theme of nature and wow...the real dragonfly is really special. I'm working on an altered book now, just beginning, and my theme is nature too btw. I have been inspired by these beautiful pages.

elle said...

Indeed, this is such a wonderful depiction of the theme. Everyone take a bow!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Very impressive.


Awesome! That would have been a lot of fun! Wished that I could have joined in. Next time you hear of one, let me know.

I just joined the multimedia yahoo group too a week ago. Nice to meet you. I shall join your blog as well.

Lillian said...

Jan ...this book is fabulous
and a real butterfly how can you beat that !!!!
awesome keepsake...
I love that you joined our group,
off to look at more
PS lots of RR books on my blog

Julie said...

Wow...everyone did such great stuff....that dragonfly study blew my socks offf!!! Just a lovely art book all the way around!!!