Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How does your garden grow?

In spite of my complaining about all the rain we have had this spring....the garden really grew!


How does your garden grow.....with Canterbury bells and Mock Orange and Foxglove and some orange Peruvian Lilies thrown in, ooopps, I see lavender and a tiny pink rose poking it's head out, too.

IMG_0938Miniature rose, Hoot Owl, with her black spot showing....I said we've had a lot of rain this spring!

IMG_0941One very large, flouncy white rose who's name is Sally Holmes.  Sally did not get pruned back this spring.....so she has grown to about twelve feet tall and is surrounded by her friends....Coral bells, Daylily and Foxglove.  Since, Foxglove reseed freely and I love 'em....they are everywhere in our yard.

IMG_0943Peony "Bowl of Beauty" in foreground with some orange Wallflowers and in the background.....this gorgeous rose.......

IMG_0945her name is "Westerland".  It holds this incredible color from bud to fade with a heavenly fragrance, to boot!  This rose will get large, too, I'm going to try to train it into a climber.


A close up of the peony Bowl of Beauty.

IMG_0946Mother Nature never met a color she didn't like and she allows them all to live together in perfect harmony.

IMG_0947  Canterbury Bells run a little crazy in my yard, too, here they surround a pink rose that I don't know the name of, bought it years ago before that sort of thing was important to me.  This is a large growing English Rose that I pruned waaaaaaaaaay back this year!  It is rejuvenating itself nicely, thank you!

The peonies are pretty much gone, the Foxglove and Canterbury Bells are on their last leg but there are Oriental Lily, fuchsia, Clematis and more waiting in the wings.

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Julie said...

Oh my gosh...what a paradise!!! Your garden is incredible!!!

elle said...

Wow, you sure get tall roses. My foxgloves self seed so they are starting to move around, too. Great yard.

Karen said...

I love the Canterbury bells and when they wandered over to live next to the pink rose what a combination. The colors are amazing together. You have a way with roses that I envy, mine are just lucky to hang on every year. Gorgeous garden!