Friday, March 18, 2011

New Journal Page.......

Just finished this journal page.......sometimes things come together so easily and other times, not so much.

This was a fun and the inspiration came out of the blue and was totally influenced by the recent purchase of some "Smooch Spritz"!  Michael's, at least our local Michael's, is making some product changes so they are having some great clearance sales.....I bought two package that each contain two spritz bottles for $3.98 each, along with some cool clear stamps that were $3.98 a package.

Thus, a page made with a dictionary page, sheet music, some paperdoll cut outs used as stencils and paper lace trim.....all glued down and spritz with Smoochie....yah gotta love that brand name!

IMG_0377IMG_0378  IMG_0379Yeah....that was fun!


Anonymous said...

omigod. my michaels (my - I own it now?) is totally clearancing out good stuff too.
(i misspelled clearancing and my spell check won't take it no matter what)
I love your pages - I sort of secretly like how stuff comes together only SomEtimes - that way it's so totally much better when it does -
because you are like
Yeah! Score
(and if you are me, you add... "for once")
Amy - who is putting that art paper post on timer for you so I quit forgetting it... god I am a loser today...

Journal Swag said...

That's awesome!

elle said...

Absolutely wonderful pages. Yay for Michael's!

Julie said...

Your pages are really awesome! I love the people over top of the music! I must go to Michaels NOW!!!!!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Yes, yes, yes! These people and the smooching are an adorable combination. LOVE it!

See my check in here.

Melisa said...

Love the pages. Must check the nearest Michaels for cheap goodies!