Thursday, March 24, 2011

Envelope Swap is Here!

So let's talk "envies", not the plural of envy but an abbreviation for envelopes. 

For those not in the journal/collage world, this is a fun way to dress up "snail "mail envelopes that you have transformed into a piece of art.  Does it make paying bills easier, I doubt it, but it does make the recipient smile!  Imagine getting a birthday card in one of the envelopes below.

Art envelopes, also, can be taped or stapled into a journal and saved in that fashion or made into a mini-book of just envelopes.

Recently, I participated in an "envelope swap" with ten other members of an online group, I belong to, called ABC Altered Book Club.

Here is what I sent........

IMG_0189Envelope No. 1 was fabric stitched to the envelope and embellished with lace and buttons. The sheet music formed a pocket on top of the envelope and contained the vintage advertising and calling cards shown in front.


The front of another envelope, the original had the big flag on it, I added the smaller flag stamps and used rubber stamps and red ink that resembles hand writing.  The words "Urgent Delivery" are a part of the original envelope, I stamped the words "cancelled" and "priority". 


The reverse side of the envelope above.


Two other "envies" done with fabric yo-yos, clear overlays, maps and tissue paper.


I glued a vintage post card inside of this envelope, so that it would show through the clear address portion, then I added postage stamps, ink and a overlay quote, that reads"The secret of all those who make discoveries is that they regard nothing as impossible".

So, here is how a swap works.....I made  five envelopes, I bundled them up and sent them off to the hostess who, in this case, lives half way across the country and then you turn south.  Said hostess receives all of the envelopes (remember, there were ten participants) and "divvies" then up.  Then happily, a couple weeks later, you get this BIG envelope in the mail that contains your swap envelopes.....all made by wonderfully, talented women who live in different parts of the country.

These are the beauties I received.......

IMG_0420The one on the left is from Cat Case and the, I'd love to know where she got the artwork, one on the right is from Jeanene.


Check out the backs, they are just a cool as the fronts.  Notice the "coke" bottle cap Cat used for the center of her flower.

TOOOOO cute!





IMG_0422 Look at this hand drawn beauty from Pamela C.

IMG_0423 The sweet "Think spring" bird was done by Brigitte and the cleverly done red and blue envelope is unsigned.  Here's the back side of these three.




I'm not certain what I will do with my collection but I am leaning towards adding them to my journal.

For now, I am putting them in a bowl and setting it on the coffee table for all to see!

This is my third "swap" and I think they are a blast!  Hope you enjoyed seeing them.

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Anonymous said...

I am nuts over Cat's too!
I did the crazy unsigned one

Two other "envies" done with fabric yo-yos, clear overlays, maps and tissue paper." Those two that you did were So cool and amazing.
I am Crazy over the postcard one.
Hell, I'm crazy over the one with the window.
I need to make some of those and stop staring at your blog.
Photos never do stuff justice.

Terri Morse said...

Your envies came out wonderful! It's so neat the way different artists approach a project. They are all beautiful. They would be cool as a display on a vintage letter rack. Have a terrific weekend! Terri

gengen said...

Wow they look awesome swap...Happy PS! Mine is up.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wow! Who wouldn't enjoy receiving mail in one of those envies? Clever! Happy Pink Saturday and thank for your visit.


liberal sprinkles said...

oh this is a col idea! I love the envelopes you made, every one is so different! Thanks for visiting my post, have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

How fun! That's neat to have such a special collection!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Anonymous said...

I love mail art and have sent many a card and letter decorated to charm as if sent from exotic ports; let's keep it coming ladies -- the art of letter writing is scant these days. Kudos Terri

Tricia said...

This is such a fun idea! I have participated in a couple of swaps and have really enjoyed them. I love the idea of envelopes! Happy PS!

Charmingdesigns said...

You got back some great envy's!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love them all. Such talent.

Char said...

I think this must have been such a fun swap. It looks like you can do just about anything to an envy. I love it.
Happy Pink Saturday, Char