Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've outfitted the entire family....

It started with this little dress......

IMG_0238 For Lucy and then this little dress for Emma.......

IMG_0231So, what to do for Mom and Dad?  Mom is a SHAM who loves to sew, cook and is one "crafty mama" I decided she needed an apron..

IMG_0256  Each piece has a surprise under it....Granddaughter reads this blog, so I'm not sharing......hehehe..........

IMG_0264Well, Dad is a plumber who moved from Florida to Oregon, as a child, thus the piece of the Florida map and under his blue jeans......

IMG_0273He's, also, a major Steelers fan.....a little disappointed, but a faithful fan none the less.  I wanted to address his plumbing profession, so I added..

IMG_0266a piece of a ruler, for measuring, and a water faucet handle to turn the water off and on!

IMG_0265I've, truly, outfitted the family and had very good time doing it. 

The girls dresses are on 12x12 deep canvases and Mom and Dad's are on 6x6 deep canvases.  The canvas was collaged and the clothing made with plaster and gauze over canvas.

In between, I'm working on an Altered Books about hats...Page 1!

IMG_0274 Using an old photo album and wonderful vintage photos of men and women wearing the fabulous head wear of the late 1800.

IMG_0262 (2) I love the look of this....using a old photo, I copied it onto a clear transparency and placed it over a postcard from the 30s.  Women of mystery about to embark on a journey to see the world!

In my spare time, I've been playing and experimenting in my journal....

IMG_0270On the left, the brown "splotch" is really a piece of a bee's nest, wonderful's like very thin, fragile paper.  This photo doesn't show the striation....lots of shades of brown and cream...very lovely gift from a friend.   On the right page, I painted a tulip with watercolor and trimmed it out to glue on a background of strips of scrapbooking paper, then added some highlights with paint and pens.

Still aiming to "Create Every Day", doing alright so far.  I hope you are finding time to be creative, as well.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed.  I love comments, feel free.

I am linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch and Creative Everyday.


Lori Lucas said...

Those are just adorable. What wonderful memories for everyone. How nice that you put so much thought into them. Truly wonderful. Lori L

Pam said...

You are so talented. Love the dresses.

gatheringwonder said...

what a fun post - great art

Anonymous said...

Your work is awesome.


I will stalk you now.

Yes, I will be sharing the technique for the blue/orange paper - I have to make a tutorial for it.
Because I like doing that
because I need more of that good stuff myself.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi! What beautiful work you do. I really enjoy your blog, and am your newest follower. I'm wondering where in Oregon you live? We live between Sunriver and La Pine.

Thank you for stopping by yesterday and leaving your comment.

As for cleaning the toilets, yes Stain Bully does work great, but since it is already liquid and costs $5.00 per bottle, I usually use Rust Out powder for that. I pour a bunch in the back of the tank, clean the bowl with cleanser and then pour more Rust Out powder in the bowl and let it sit. That stuff has a strong odor though, and you have to make sure to not inhale it. Then, I put Rust Out tabs in the tank and that will last for a couple of weeks. It is a never ending battle. The Rust Out company has a sister product called White Out and it is for laundry. It works really well too. I hope this helps!

Journal Swag said...

Awesome! I even love the blue jeans!

Unknown said...

Love the new fashions for the family! and the books are inspiring:)