Saturday, January 1, 2011

Create Everyday

Very optimistically I have signed on to "Create Everyday 2011".  Organized by Leah at Creative Everyday, I thought this sounded like a great motivator and would make me more aware of what I do, or don't do, that is creative.  Making art is one way to be creative but so is rearranging the furniture, or planting flowers, or sewing or trying a new recipe.....there are so many ways we can express our selves.

I got the New Year off to a great creative start,, was a preplanned "play date" at our house with our granddaughters.  They wanted to make jewelry for their friends as Christmas gifts, but we couldn't seem to find the time before Christmas, so today became jewelry making day!

I figure being "their creative advisor and supplier" here we go......

n and a 003

Angela, who is almost 14, made bracelets with beads and charms.

This work requires lots of table room to spread out!

She was busy in my craft room...while her sister,



n and a 002



Nicole, who will be 17, worked in the living room making two "glass slide" necklaces.  Here she is designing the artwork for one of the necklaces.



N and A 013 She placed the art between the two glass slides and wrapped with copper tape.........this is where Grandma gets creative, I soldered the pieces together!

N and A 011 This is for one of her horse-lovin' buddies!  The photo is of her friend and her horse.

N and A 016Both, necklaces completed....forgot to take pictures of the other side....dang it!  Her other friend will receive the blue bird of happiness.

N and A 008Sisters sharing ideas!

N and A 004Two of the bracelets that  Angela made.  Nicole made beaded bracelets, too, total they made eight bracelets and two necklaces.

N and A 010  Aren't the bracelets cute and colorful?N and A 014I can't think of a better way to start the New Year!  I had the luxury of spending the afternoon with two very lovely young ladies encouraging their creativity and challenging mine.

I'm going to go over and link up with Sally's Blue Monday and Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration.  Thanks for visiting, please come again.  


Fresh Linen said...

All so darling! Wonderful way to spend the day. Happy New Year, love Carol

GardenOfDaisies said...

What a great day of being creative!!! Super fun crafts!

Toni Youngblood, aka "Sparky" said...

Hi Jan: I love your new photo of yourself with your grandbabies! Last Christmas, my neice and her daughter made a glass slide necklace for me---my initial on one side and a bird (they know I'm a bird lover) on the other. I love it. Wishing you a healthy, happy and fun new year!
Toni (aka Sparky) from WALLMARKS

Verna Luga said...

wow, you really got a knack on this ... I'm just good at wearing not making..hahaha... mine is up at On This Side of Town

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Very creative and I like their finish craft

SmilingSally said...

Neat! The blue bird of happiness is perfect for our day.

Happy Blue Monday, D&D.

Donnie said...

They created some beautiful, personalized jewelry and I'm like you- I love playdates with the grandchildren. Happy Blue Monday.

Debra@CommonGround said...

What a blessing getting to spend that creative time with your darling grandies. Love the necklaces and bracelets. So much fun. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF!!