Monday, January 10, 2011

A commitment, not a resolution....

I have never been much on making New Year's Resolutions but....I do like to set some goals.

Last year's goal was new carpet and a cleaner, simpler decor.  The carpet was installed in March and through out the year I cleared out the garden shed, the garage, closets, drawer, etc.  Mission accomplished, well, pretty much. 

This year, I am going to volunteer less time to community projects and use the time "creating"!  It doesn't matter what I create, or the medium I use to create can be painting, collage, gardening, baking, writing a blog...but my goal is to do something EVERY DAY that is creative.

Started New Year's Day helping my Granddaughter's make jewelry, since then I've started a journal, cleaned and rearranged several shelves and, even, made bread pudding.  Last week, I finished this assemblage. 

assembl 004This piece is a nod to the book titled, Last Child in the Woods.  The author discusses the lack of opportunities for this generation of children to play and explore the out of doors on their own and some of the ramifications.  It is a good read and very informative.

I used the lid of a wood cigar box and added the child's photo, cardboard, some twigs with copper leaves, cheesecloth, lace and a rusty hinge, birch bark and old clay marbles......all frosted with melted bees wax.

Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment.  I am linking to Create Everyday, go to button at top of page to see the work of many creative folks.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Both your assemblage and your attitude are admirable. You made me smile... and inspired me. THANK YOU!

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I too make goals and not resolutions.

Terra said...

The assemblage is very attractive and you are doing well in achieving your 2011 goal of creativity. My creativity is mainly writing and gardening; I enjoy seeing posts about artistic talents like this one.

Karen said...

What a wonderful way to start out 2011. I love the idea of doing something creative every day! Your last year's goals were met, too--very impressive. I need to take a look at what I want to accomplish this year and make it happen.

Love your assemblage for the 'Last Child in the Woods'. How true about the current generations not being able to have the experiences of their elders.

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Wow, I am stunned by the amazing beauty of this piece, it's so.....I don't know, it just calls to me. Well done!

I haven't read this book, but from what you describe briefly it is something I would love, and totally agree with. Part of what I loved about my childhood was the ability to run carefree and explore. I feel so sad for the children of today who don't have that. Because I feel this way I make sure my own kids have the chance to run about outdoors and explore the way I did, because I still love doing it, it's something we can do together. I love it.