Saturday, December 4, 2010

Altered Book Fun.......

I just finished two altered books, one will be a Christmas gift, the other is for me! 

This one is mine and it was a fun project that I have worked on, one page at a time, whenever  the mood struck over the past year.  The book base is a dollar store photo album's cardboard pages.

Opening page.....

altered book 008

Page 1...A gesso painted page with sheet music, piece of cardboard, photo, ribbon and postage stamp.

altered book 027Pages 2 and 3

altered book 009Page 2.....when cars were king!

altered book 011   Page's juice time!

altered book 013

Page 4.....I dream in French on an old ledger page!

altered book 014Page 5...."All nature is but art unknown to thee"!

altered book 016 Pages 6 and 7.....

altered book 017 Page 6....Birds eggs and postage stamp!

altered book 018Page 7....My great-grandmother and friends picnicking in Norway!

 altered book 019

Pages 8 and 9............with a half-page between.

altered book 020Page 8....Dragonfly on sunflower stamped page with a touch of cardboard and a small stick!

book cover 020 Front of half-page...paper and lace!

book cover 021Other side of and hand overlay!

altered book 021  Page 9....The working woman is a force of nature!


altered book 024Pages 10 and 11.........

altered book 023Page 10....Seed packet and a real dried pansy!

altered book 025Page 11....Girls who wear glasses with cloth and paper!  

book cover 016Last page, page 12.....watercolor and ribbon roses!

book cover 017In this case, I am not going to alter the cover of this book, I like it as it is, and I think it works with art that is inside.  I may decided to add some flourishes later but for now......I really like this worn, faded blue cover bound together with metal rings!


book cover 018   Hope you enjoyed viewing, as much as, I enjoyed creating!


Fresh Linen said...

This is darling*!* I love , love, love it, such a great idea. Carol

Carol said...

Your creations are wonderful! Keep up the great art.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Adorable and so imaginative. I love this project.

Unknown said...

I love it! I have some cool old things to give you when I see you on the 15th that should work beautifully in an application like this. I thought I might use them myself, but that's not happenin' so I'm sure you'll think of a good use for them. They're old IBEW convention ribbons and medallions with some wonderful components.

Quiltemarerittet said...

It´s really nice to see what you are creating. You got talent!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had no trouble finding your blog. Thanks for the link. I also wanted you to know how much I adore your book. This is fantastic. It looks like it stepped out of the pages of Somerset magazine. It is incredible and so diverse. Each page is a joy to behold. I was sorry to see it end.

Fresh Linen said...

Attention everyone within the Willamette Valley area: I got to see these amazing books up close in person today. They are beyond fabulous. Jan I think will have a class in the spring of 2011 at the Woodburn Art Center, showing us how to make these gems. I will be there. Also saw her cigar shadow box. Jan, when you have time please include a picture of the one in your kitchen. So adorable she should have a class on making those boxes too. Very, V E R Y talented artist, this lady. So loved visiting your home. Warm. inviting and adore Al and Jack. Merry Christmas sweet lady and hubby too*!* Carol