Sunday, April 11, 2010

Work........not a walk in the park!

Yesterday, we had a group of teenage volunteers from Salem area spend their Saturday working in our nature park/trailhead.  These kids really worked, they had to dig up the Canary grass roots that surround our newly planted (last fall) trees.  They laid down cardboard and covered it with mulch.

trail and shower 003



This part of the park is low land, next to the pond, and very wet.


trail and shower 004



Lots of digging to remove grass and weed roots from around the trees.

trail and shower 016 trail and shower 020

In the photo above you are looking down the hill to this area,on the right, where you can see the trees with new side dressing of bark.

trail and shower 018


One of the roses we planted last month, leafing out.



trail and shower 015


We planted 50 Sword Fern among the fir trees last month, as well, they are unfurling their fronds and lookin' good.


Last, but not least, we can always count on Captain Jack to work hard, run through the creek and roll in the mud!  He is our hero, after all!

trail and shower 008






Jack says "Goodbye" and "Thanks for the help" to our new friends and volunteer helpers.

trail and shower 001" I don't know about you but I sure had a good time" were Jack's final words before he was hosed off in the backyard AND given a bath.

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Staci said...

Seriously hilarious picture of muddy Jack!!! Emma says he looks like a dirty sheep :)