Saturday, February 20, 2010

A taste of spring comes to Oregon….

In our corner of the world, most of the past week has seen sunshine and temps in the high 50s to 60 degrees.  It is common for us to have a week of great weather in February and this year did not disappoint.

So, yesterday, Jack decided to take his people for a walk in the woods.  Off we went to Champoeg State Park, a lovely park on the Willamette River that was the location of the first seat of government in the Oregon Territory.

walk 015  Here Ron and Jack take a short break during our two mile stroll along the river bank.



Guess what, we all slept well last night.  When we got up this morning Jack thought he had had so much fun yesterday, he wanted to try that hiking-thing again.

This time we drove a few miles north to Canby and the Molalla River State Park.  Wow, another great park with a huge off leash area for the puppies.

walk 021  The path is not paved, but it is a perfect spot for the Jack to run and explore.  It was fairly level for people walking and not muddy.  Jack liked it, he wants to go again……soon!


walk 020

Nothing says Oregon better than a photo of Mt. Hood.

walk 024

Likewise, nothing says spring is on its way better than a fluffy, white tree in full bloom!

Hope there are signs of spring in your life!


Maison Douce said...

Congrats, Jan, your blog is looking great...!!! Welcome to Blogland!

Romeo said...

Hi Jan!

My sister lives in Corvallis and so I've had the opportunity to visit many times. Such beautiful country!! I love the pictures and glad to see it is NOT raining lol

Thanks for sharing your hike!

There are signs of spring here and Romeo will be sharing those before the week is through. He hopes you'll stop by for a visit, although it won't be as grand as what you've shown - hard to beat Mt Hood!

BTW - let me know if you are looking for the buttons or the pillows in the shop....

Deborah and Romeo