Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silver Sunday…….two of my favorites!

I wanted to participate in Gypsy Fish Journal’s Silver Sunday last Sunday but wouldn’t you know…….Saturday night the computer crashed!  After six days without, I’m very happy to be up and running, amazing how dependent upon a machine we can become.

I love old dented and tarnished silver and have several pieces but my very favorite is this Trophy bowl, that reads “Salem Cherry Fair 1908/1st Prize/Royal Ann 10 lb. box/Presented by E. T. Barnes”.  I wonder what qualities that box of cherries had that the others did not!  Why does it state who it was presented by, but not who it was presented to?  I love it, love it………so much personality, so much character, so much history.

miscel. 020

miscel. 021

My second favorite is this punch bowl.  Very art deco with its’ knobs of red bakelite on the top and the ladle, all in shiny aluminum.  The Ruby Red glasses I added after purchase.

miscel. 002

And finally, my Valentine Greeting to All……….a vintage valentine giving a standing ovation to a bowl full of Frozen Charlottes.miscel. 003

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