Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catch up.........

Sorry, I've been absent from my blog for so long.  I've gotten little caught up in yard work and maintenance but we are moving right along.

We've rebuilt a fence and have more to do.  Also, refurbishing our little garden shed.

Thanks to son #2, we have the lattice replaced and I have to stain the shingles and paint the trim this week.

I took a fun watercolor plein air class, last week.

Today, Father's Day, I bought myself a present.......a beautiful framed 32 x 24 print by Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm!  I love it and the colors are perfect in our living room.

Katherine is, not only, a fine artist but also an accomplished writer and the rescuer of misfit animals.  If, you go to her blog link above you will read all about life on the farm with her rescued, abused, elderly animals.   She and her husband live on a small farm on the west side of Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, where they take care of their brood and nurse them back to good health, grow several acres of fragrant lavender and create amazing art, among their other pursuits.

Every year in June, they open their farm to the public and serve homemade pie so today, Father's Day, we made the trip to the farm with our Granddaughter, her husband and daughters.   Where there were goats, donkeys, sheep, pigs, chickens, llamas and a dogs....OH, my!

The girls loved did the adults!

This little pony, who's Mom is in the shed in the background, is a rescued pony.  The mother is blind, hearing impaired and had her ears chewed off by a dog.  Most of the animals on the farm have suffered similar mistreatment and now, thanks to the Dunns, are thriving.

Emma enjoying the view from the garden at Apifera Farm.  We pet the animals, ate some tasty pie, toured Katerine's studio and bought a painting.......nice day.

Then we topped it off with lunch in Carlton and a splash in a few mud puddles!

Happy Father's Day to Lucy and Emma's Dad, Ed, and Great-grandpa Ron!  Memories are made of this.


Terra said...

Apifera Farm is a fabulous sanctuary, and I envy you getting to visit there in person and see all those cute animals. Nice painting of Katherine's that you purchased.

elle said...

aw, you have been having a great time! said...

Awesome times! I love your print too! :)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

This is so wonderful to see these and I'm so glad you had such a good time! I love the pic of Emma on the bench in the garden, and Matilda and her hat. I also enjoyed talking to Ron- I hope you might come again!

Halle said...

A day spent with kids on a farm is always so much fun. Seeing the world through their eyes...