Sunday, May 11, 2014

Yarn Bombing 101

Not everyone knows about yarn bombing but it is usually done on public buildings or parks or bicycles or even buses and is sort of graffiti with yarn, instead of paint!

Yesterday, with the help of six knitters, two sons and a granddaughter......we "yarn bombed" the tree in front of the art center.

 I say, "101" yarn bombing because it was the first time for any of us to try to figure out how to keep a tree trunk or an arbor covered with long scarves.  So, with some fishing line, wire and staples holding it in place we will see how long it stays is not intended to be permanent.  We are hoping for a month.

We are working with private property and have the consent of the owners.....that is not usually how this type of yarn graffiti is done.  An example is: in downtown Portland someone knitted caps and scarves for several public statutes, put them in place and they were gone in a day or two.

So, we've done our bit to add a little color and a lot of fun to the neighborhood, even if it is only for a few days!


Julie said...

What a neat thing to do on Mothers Day!!!! Happy Mothers Day, btw! i want to cover the tree in my front swale with yarn bits too!!!!!!!

Terra said...

I had not heard of yarn bombing; it turned out very colorful.

Dianne said...

Ha! oh, I LOVE the yarn 'bombing!' a really good idea to have cooperation from the property owners. a lot of work to have disappear too soon...adore the color and texture!