Monday, April 7, 2014

Now, may be the time to hit "delete"..........

...........unless you really want to hear me brag about my Grandson!

All Grandparents think their Grandchildren are exceptional......well, they are, look at who their Grandparents are.  I read somewhere that the reason Grandparents and Grandchildren get along so well is, that, they have a common enemy!  Not sure it is quite that bad. 

But, I do think that kids that you can spoil and encourage to stomp in mud puddles and eat extra cookies are the best kind because you're not the one who has to stay up all night with them when they are sick or worry about paying the dentist bill!  You just get to enjoy them for who and what they are which, of course, is awesome.

First a disclaimer, I have NINE Grandsons and each, and everyone of them is special!  I won't make you sit thru all of that.....I'm just focusing on the one that is a senior in high school and just completed his first art that FIRST art class. 

I'll just do show and tell now......

He carved the self portrait stamp and created the design with it.

This is the teacher's critique on the painting below.

 Teacher says "super work, man".......I love it!

I would love to take all the credit for prepping this kid for an art class, except it's not true.  I gave him a ten minute, maybe, description of perspective when he was 12 or 13. 
You know how people are always saying they have no art talent....they can't draw a straight line, never could, never will.  I don't believe that is true, I think one can accomplish a lot artistically with interest and desire.  
I do believe, however, that some of us are born with a better "eye" for artistic details and more drive to make art.  Lots of people, who have never made art in their life, have a great sense of color and design and they can use it masterfully in their homes, gardens and fashions.  Drawing or painting just may not be their thing.
 It seems to me, this young man finds perspective very easy and he "gets" it.  He is able to draw very well, even tho', at eighteen it is not a priority in his life.  He does plan on becoming an engineer.  His eye for design will serve him well, even if he never picks up a brush and produces a painting.  His mother has insisted that he take art again this trimester, the last before graduation.
We are all given gifts, I guess it really is all about how we choose to use them....right now, the world is his "oyster"! 
Now, for the other eight Grandsons.......I'm just kidding, really I am (for today anyway)!



Unknown said...

Fantastic! Kudos to your grandson. He has a gift....the gift! 8 grandsons! Wow! xo

elle said...

common enemy! (snort) Great post Jan. I luv the stamp. Yes, some have a better eye and more desire. I'm finding out if my creative desire is sketching. I'm sure I can do something acceptable. The question always is, Do I want to? !!!

Unknown said...

Awesome!! His work looks amazing! said...

Awesome work, and hurray for a teacher that sees and encourages it! Great talent there... you've got the genes!

SHeila said...

Awesome work, and hurray for a teacher that sees and encourages it! Great talent there... you've got the genes!


Dianne said...

Love that print (are you sure you didn't influence him there?) and drawing! I agree with all you said...about spoiling grandchildren...and about how anyone can learn to make art if they choose to. you are right about the desire. I can't help but make things! wonderful post...go ahead, brag some more on the other grandsons! :)