Monday, March 17, 2014

Inspiration is coming from every where!

I am preparing to take a workshop from Southern Oregon artist, Roxanne Evans Stout this Saturday.

An article in Somerset Studio's magazine is where I first became aware of Roxanne, she and Seth Apter had done a collaboration on a project and the idea completely intrigued me.  Later, I would see her work in Seth's book and started to follow her blog.

Last year, she offered a nature journaling class and I immediately signed up.  This is one piece I did in class.

After the class was finished, I wanted to learn more from Roxanne.  So, I invited her to teach at the Woodburn Art Center where I am a member and, just happen to be one of the class coordinators.  She accepted!  Come Saturday, March 22...a mere four days from now I, and thirteen others, will spend a wonderful day experiencing more of Roxanne's gentle perspective on nature and how to capture it in art journaling.

For months, now, I have had a basket that I've been dropping things into that I thought I might want to use for this class.   Today, I'm trying to winnow it down a bit.  In the process, I found things I had forgotten I had which lead to digging out something else I thought would go with that item.

As a result.....I think I've added more stuff is in very tidy order!!!

Since it is a Nature journal, I'm digging out the flowers and the leaves I've been drying all winter.

I love "holey" leaves and clusters of leaves.  On my dog walking adventures in the park, I find lots of feathers and acorns and other interesting twigs and moss.  I only dried a few flowers but I do have a few hydrangeas and tiny rosy blossoms dried.

I am bringing some of the paper and the fabric that I ecco-dyed with leaves and flowers last fall.  I threw in some ribbon, lace, buttons, rubber stamps, hand-made paper, rubber stamps, rice get the idea. 

While I had thing spread out on my work table I could not resist playing with them, so I had to do little arranging.....then I ironed out some of the wrinkles, literally!

More play....with ecco dyed fabric which I didn't like a first because I'm not a big fan of "pink"!  However, when you add some orangey salmon color and a little blue....not too bad!

Time to quit playing and start packing.  I'll share some finished product next week!


rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Jan, I can't wait for our workshop, I love leaves with holes in them too and we are going to have the best time. Thank you so much for inviting me to the Woodburn Art Center! xoxo roxanne

Unknown said...

Enjoy! This sounds and looks to be a fabulous workshop!

elle said...

Oh, Jan, This is gonna be exciting!!!

canemahstudios said...

I'm so excited to take this class, that I've been packing and repacking nature goodies and paper!!

canemahstudios said...

I'm so excited to take this class, that I've been packing and repacking nature goodies and paper!!

Dianne said...

oh my...what gorgeous things you've picked up to work with! can't wait to see your 'nature journal' come to life! and thanks for commenting on my pleased you found it helpful. sometimes wonder if anyone does, you know? never sure if I've broken things down to understandable steps...Looking forward to seeing the results from the workshop--share please! ♥