Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ready for the New Year!


I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that Santa brought you lots of art supplies!

Ours was crazy and fun, as usual, with 25 adults and 10 children at our house to share Christmas Eve.  Only the children under 14 receive gifts, after that, you become part of the White Elephant exchange.  My kids, and their families, never cease to amaze me with their creative and amusing gift ideas! 

I have not been doing much in the way of journaling this past month, but I did do these two...........this one before Christmas.

IMG_3587 On the left side are drawings I shared earlier and have since added watercolor and a border before I taped them into my journal.  The right side is play with a capital "P", doodling dogs and trees!


More sketching and watercolor and a watercolor heart framing a quote from A. A. Milne were done yesterday.

Probably, one of the best gifts I received this season was from Cloth Paper Scissors, where my collage was published in the Silhouette Reader's Challenge!

CPS art

I cut this stencil of a tree trunk from an old file folder and sprayed it with old-fashioned spray paint over a collage of paint, tissue paper and stamps.  Check out the latest CPS Jan/Feb issue to see the other entries and get inspired by all the great ideas in this magazine.

Here's wishing you a healthy, happy and art-full New Year!  Join me, if you have time, at Julie Balzer's Art Journal Everyday'll see some inspiring art, if you do!


Julie said...

Oh dang, you must have a HUGE house! I get freaked out with only 12-14 people for a day, but.....

Again, you are a wonder woman!!!!
xoxo- Julie

Anonymous said...

Your sketchbook is really delightful - I like the watercolour accents - & congratulations on being published! said...

Gorgeous, all of them! I agree! Wonder woman!


SAMARA said...

Oh my gosh....35 people! How many potatoes is that? How many pound turkey is that? And I have trouble cooking for 2! (don't laugh) haha. Your work is SO ecclectic! I envy a sketcher, which I am not. It is beautiful, light and cheerful, yet I see your self portrait and see serious and soooo skilled at this work! I love the tree stencil and good for you! making your own stencil!!! I look forward to seeing more - your colors are SO wonderful. I'd say they cover the whole rainbow and from lightest to darkest. Man oh man you "art" outside the box eh? How fantastically magical! "Wouldn't it be nice" (Beach Boys!) Samara Navi