Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vein of Gold classes…..


Next Tuesday, I begin a ten week class based on Julia Cameron’s book “Vein of Gold”.  Looking forward to it, I’ve read most of the book……I’m waiting for the class to start before I begin the exercises.  For those who have not read, or even heard of the book, the subject is overcoming the obstacles in you life and within your self that limit your creativity.

Wouldn’t we all love to silence “our inner critic” once and for all!

This is the cover of my class notebook…….


This is a sorta’ self portrait, in that it sorta’ looks like me. or how I looked thirty years ago and in real life I have less nose and more chin and, just maybe, a wrinkle or two…..otherwise, it’s close!!!!

I carved the “tell your story” and the arrow stamps. Red is my favorite color, not pink, so I’m not sure where that background came from, but I managed to get a little red in there. 

So primary……red, blue and yellow……does that speak to the class and it’s subject?


Terra said...

I like your self portrait (of a few years ago, smile) and the book and class sound great for unleashing creativity.

Mary said...

Your book looks will love having it all contained in one place.

Looking forward to following your journey.

Oh, love the stamps you carved!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those stamps. You carve so well!

I've never heard of the class or the book. If it piques your interest, I know you will enjoy it. Have fun and I look forward to your take on the class and of course your journal pages.

elle said...

I'm sure a vein of gold will rub through the red, blue, yellow. Intriguing class!

Dianne said...

great cover for your notebook. I loved Julia Cameron's "the artist's way" but have not read the one you mentioned...have a great time with the 'exercises!'