Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you from my alter ego, Garden Girl, myself and my entire family...........

IMG_0537Garden Girl is into fashion......her spring jumper is charmingly accessorized with this lovely Easter bonnet.  There was a time when all ladies wore gloves and a hat for Easter!

IMG_0540For fall, she wears a lovely red raincoat and greets the neighborhood "trick or treaters" while standing in the rain, 'cause she's a pumpkin-head, for sure!

IMG_0542This weekend, she shares her greetings with all of you and our entire neighborhood!  Hope your weekend is wonderful and your Easter blessed.

IMG_0531Meanwhile, Jack and Al take a nap, nose to nose, on the back of the sofa in the long awaited SUN SHINE!!!!   Ahhhhhh bliss!

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elle said...

Happy Easter! What a great garden gal! And a nice setting for her.

Julie said...

If only my cat and dog could love each other like this! Your yard is gorgeous! Love Garden Girl...Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

Karen said...

Well, Happy Easter to your family and to Garden Girl. She is really the hat!

Love the picture of your two special pets snoozing in the sun, very cute.

Anonymous said...

god i love that cat.

the orange ones are ALWAys the best.


Fifi Flowers said...

AWwwww LOVE the nap photo!!!